Project title
Implementation of an innovative product design using amber waste in the enterprise Irena Wesołowska Obrobka Bursztynu.

Project number

Purpose of the project
The aim of the project is to create wall tiles made of pressed Baltic amber. It is an innovative and designer product that will be created thanks to the development of a new design project. It will be competitive on the market and will bring development to the activities of the Beneficiary. The tiles are used to finish walls in rooms, giving them an unusual, original character. In addition to decorative values, the product is to be durable and of good quality.

Planned outcomes
The effect of introducing a new product by the Beneficiary’s company will be the entry and competition on the market of innovative and designer wall tiles. Currently, there is no direct competition on the market producing amber tiles. The beneficiary plans to develop in the construction industry by acquiring know-how, employing specialized staff working on research and continuous improvement of the product and following the latest technologies, which will result in the creation of tiles of the highest quality and original appearance.

Project value
1 764 092,20 PLN

The amount of the contribution of European Funds
967 682,87 PLN